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Hispano América Team

DreamTrips® International is not just a BUSINESS. We are a family of like-minded and high-spirited people.


We come together to inspire, challenge and motivate each other to do more... To be more! To maximize each day and achieve results previously considered impossible!


Here the individuals who made the decision to challenge their own limits meet and FIND. The sweet moment of achieving the first visible results changes their lives forever! Great projects are coming for the Hispanic American family at DreamTrips® International.

Constant commitment will become the norm of DreamTrips® International life. Our staff of experienced, skilled and extraordinarily motivated trainers will be at your side. Day by day, throughout the entire journey we will be giving everything for everything.

With each training program customized to meet personal needs, inefficiency will disappear! Thoughts like: “Hmm, what am I going to do today? I guess the efforts to talk to more people won't help..." will be classified and archived forever. Our main priority is to experience that we can "dare more!"

We are very aware that each and every member of Team Hispanic America has a unique story. As well as specific needs that can vary both in goals and in the intensity of results. With so many countries in our Hispanic America, there are many who are just starting out in DreamTrips® International, but we will have enough courage to experience that... "We are UNSTOPPABLE!"


Our goal for each Member is to achieve: "1,000 Free People." Yes, a thousand people signed up for any membership.

We can achieve financial freedom! Welcome to the club!

What is



DreamTrips® International was created with an important purpose: To offer services and give opportunities to enjoy life in a big way.

We believe everyone should live richer, more productive lives, and DreamTrips® International works every day to make that a reality.

▪ DreamTrips® is Travel and Tourism. Save up to 80% compared to Expedia, Priceline and other travel sites.

▪ DreamTrips® is Improvement. Personal and professional development.

▪ DreamTrips® is also the best Compensation Plan that, through the multi-level system, offers us a 75% profit in bonuses and commissions.

▪ This is the MLM business for you.

▪ Now is the TIME to act.

▪ There is no other business that offers you MORE.



I'm amazed at how fast the first results are, all of which I sincerely attribute to my new love for DreamTrips® International! I wasted money and time on other promising businesses, but now I feel amazing about these first results!

— Pas Flores, Hispano America Team Leader, USA.


Although I am in the midst of my first experience in the travel business, setting up this multi-level, I am amazed by how energizing and revitalizing this whole new DreamTrips® International project is.

— Cármen Matos, Carmen Collection Team Leader, USA.


Before my Mentor and good friend Pas recommended DreamTrips® International to me, I had never considered MLM travel to be so efficient. Now, my enthusiasm and reality tell me I was wrong! This is inspiring!

— Roimer Roman, Mundo Hispano Team Leader, Colombia.

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