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Questions about the company DreamTrips International.


Q: Is DreamTrips International a legal Multilevel System (MLM), or is it a Pyramid?

A: A multi-level business and a Pyramid are very similar: in both, affiliations are promoted. The difference is that, in a legal multilevel business, although affiliations are promoted, there is a product or a service, while in a Pyramid system there is no product or service. At DreamTrips International, we currently have Products and Services; therefore, DreamTrips International is NOT a Pyramid.

Q: What was the reason DreamTrips® filed for bankruptcy?

A: In December 2020, while still WorldVentures (old name before being purchased by DreamTrips®), the company officially announced that it voluntarily filed bankruptcy documents in a Texas court.


The above did not imply that WorldVentures was going to stop operating or disappear, it was simply a legal move to avoid financial unviability in the midst of a global pandemic. Furthermore, the filing of bankruptcy documents was largely due to the terrible consequences that the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns brought to the tourism industry.


On November 18, 2021, Verona International Holdings, Inc. announced that the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Texas issued an order confirming the purchase of exclusive rights to sell DreamTrips® worldwide.


As a result of the purchase, Verona's wholly owned subsidiary, DreamTrips, would be the exclusive global supplier of the DreamTrips® trademark (previously owned by WorldVentures) going forward. As part of the purchase, DreamTrips® International agreed to pay up to $22,250,000 in overdue commissions owed to WorldVentures sales representatives.


Currently the DreamTrips® International company is classified as:

▪ No. 1 – On the list of top US mid-market companies ($300M to $999M) with $926.6 Million.

▪ N ° 1 - In constant growth from 2009 to 2016 with an increase of 927%.

▪ No. 2 – In the USD 100 million Growth Club (grew $233 million in 2016).

▪ No. 12 – Among the top 20 US companies in 2019.


DreampTrips® International is one of the network marketing companies with the greatest potential today. Basically due to three factors that are clearly visible within the company: the first is its solid and consistent growth, the second is the investment in technology that the company makes permanent to offer unique and truly attractive services, and finally its service, DreamTrips®, is by far the largest network marketing company in the tourism segment.

Frequently asked questions about the launch in September 2023.


Q: What will the new educational platform offer and what is the price?


A: The new platform will cost an additional $79.99 per month. With the new dynamic digital platform, you will be able to delve into topics such as finances, personal development, leadership,

comprehensive well-being and even gain knowledge about trading and financial education. The platform is scheduled to go live in 6 weeks. Until the platform goes live, one of the largest in the world, the transformational coaches will host an exclusive 6-week speaking series that will only be available to DreamTrips+ Members.


Q: Can I purchase the new educational platform on its own?


A: No, you must have an existing travel membership to purchase the educational platform.


Q: What registration packages will be available starting September 1?


A: A new member can sign up for our new Travel and Transform package, our existing standard or

priority membership packages, or with our new Standard+ and Priority+ membership packages which Includes a DreamTrips membership and a DreamTrips+ membership.

Q: What are transformational journeys?


A: Transformational Travel will only be available to Standard+ and Priority+ members and members who purchased the Travel & Transform package. They will be hosted and led by some of the best personal development speakers, industry leaders, top DreamTrips leaders and company executives. These trips will include self-development and self-knowledge seminars, financial literacy skills, business skills, all while enjoying the extraordinary experience of a dream trip.


Frequently asked questions about the 6-MONTH FREE CRUISE BONUS.


Q: How do I receive my free cruise voucher after 6 months?


A: After the sixth consecutive membership payment, members in good standing can receive their voucher by emailing our cruise support team at vouchers@dreamtrips.com. Please include your full name and ID number when you submit your bonus request.


Q: How long do I have to redeem my cruise voucher?


A: You will have 12 months from the date of issue to redeem the voucher. The departure date can be more than 12 months, but the voucher is only valid for 12 months.


Q: Who is eligible to receive the free cruise bonus?


A: After 6 consecutive paid months of membership in Standard & Priority, all new members who signed up during the promotion period (April 8-30, 2023) will receive a redeemable voucher

for a 4-night cruise for 2 people.


Q: Can I apply my cruise bonus to longer trips?


A: Yes, you can apply your bonus to the price of any cruise available in the booking of the

portal, including longer trips. There are many longer trips available with the free cruise. However, additional charges may apply on select trips.


Q: What does my free cruise voucher give me access to?


A: The voucher gives you access to a global database with thousands of cruises to choose from, including free cruises and heavily discounted cruises.


Q: What if I want to upgrade my room or select a different option?


A: The booking portal will provide additional accommodation options, including ocean view, balcony and suite upgrades. Additional fees and charges may apply for upgrades.


Q: What cruise lines are available to book trips with?

A: There are dozens of cruise lines to choose from, including Royal Caribbean, Viking, MSC, Celebrity, Princess, Norwegian, Disney and many more.


Q: What departure ports are available for booking cruises?


A: Departure ports include Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, United States, Australia, as well as throughout Europe and the Middle East.

Q: What ports of call are available for travel to?

A: Ports of call include dozens of the most popular sailing destinations around the world, including the United States, the Caribbean, Southeast Asia, Australia and throughout the

Mediterranean and Europe.

Q: What additional charges should I expect to pay?

A: The free cruise voucher does not include port fees and taxes, gratuities or onboard purchases, including offshore excursions, beverage packages, upgraded meals, SPA, etc.


Q: How many people is the free cruise voucher valid for?


A: The free cruise voucher is valid for 2 people.

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